It’s on the inside

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Check your privileges

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To live better, ask better questions

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What is life about?

There is no correct answer to the question, therefore most people don’t even dare to ask it. Most people are busy making a living, rather than designing a life. Few people dare to find out what living means to them.

Question the lens through which you see the world

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Our mental approach to achievement defines subjective well-being.

Foto by Gil Ribeiro — Instagram: gileres


A personal story — from marketing at Coca-Cola to volunteering at an NGO

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How building and fixing improves your mental health

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Build better relationships, enable others and improve your effectiveness

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Training the mental muscle to cope with change

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Which do you choose — the well worn, or the less travelled path?

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Jonas Nienau

Social Entrepreneur @ Changemaker. Writer. Inspiration and education to live a more meaningful and joyful life.

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