How to Deal with an (ACL) Injury, Mindfully

Lessons from a recent sports injury with a positive outlook

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Mindfulness helps you deal better with an injury

I love the game of Lacrosse and burn for competing on and improving off the field. Being mindful of the fact that I ripped a tendon that is crucial to Lacrosse helps me accept it.

Don’t trust a preliminary diagnosis for the knee

Between doctor visits, I read a lot about the knee, ACL therapy, and popular operation tactics. I came to realize: the knee is a very complex joint in our body. I doubt one can say with 100% certainty what happened when you twisted your knee without looking inside.

Injuries reconnect you with your body

Once you are injured, you start to treat your body more careful. You begin to appreciate how you were able to move and do sports before the injury. While listening to your body, massaging the affected areas, you might even feel more. Maybe you realize you are generally inflexible as I did.

Stay positive

I know this is easy to say. But hear me out — I am on the same journey. Being injured sucks, yes. But look at all the potential upsides: You will have a lot of time to spend. You can start reading more or even consider starting to write about your experiences.


Accepting circumstances that you can not control and focusing on what you can is the best way of recovering from any injury. Rebalancing your muscles, tendons, and ligaments by physiotherapy, and informing yourself about the topic of your injury is what you can control. And, ultimately, positivity is what paves your way to a full recovery.

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